Make money with social media in Zimbabwe

Make money with social media in Zimbabwe

Most people in Zimbabwe now use social media on daily basis. People use social media for many various reasons. For some the reasons might be to stay in touch with what your friends are doing or for entertainment or to simply fill out their spare time. What if l tell you that there is a way you can make money on social media? This is called influencer marketing.

Let me explain influencer marketing to you. Influencer marketing is when businesses pay people with a lot of social media influence or following to market their products on their social media accounts.  Businesses just want to use your influence to turn your follower into their clients so they pay you for your services. What you will be required to do is to just consistently post their products or services on your social media pretending like you use the products or services yourself. Have you ever seen celebrities posting some new products or talking about certain products? If yes then that is probably influencer marketing.

Note that for you to be considered as an influencer marketer in Zimbabwe you do not need to be a celebrity, you just have a strong and engaging followers. If you don’t have a lot of followers its not a problem, there are some proven ways to increase your followers on your social accounts like twitter, Instagram , Facebook page e.t.c and am going to show you some of them.

  • Get well known for something on social media. It might be that you post motivational quotes or  you teach how to cook. Its very hard to stand out on social media so you have to be known for something probably a passion.
  • Find and follow relevant accounts. Finding and following related accounts is necessary when trying to build a social media following. When you follow these related accounts some of them will follow you back.
  • Post engaging information regularly.

Point to note: Make sure at least 75% of your followers are Zimbabweans otherwise you won’t be a good influencer marketer.

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